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Interacoustics AS608 – Portable Screening Audiometer The modern and inexpensive AS608 is a stylish, robust audiometer that’s flexible and portable; ideal for schools, medical centres and industry.

AS608 Features

  • Light-weight, robust construction
  • Power options: Batteries, mains or USB to computer
  • Compact, modern design
  • Pulsing & warble tones
  • Select/deselect frequencies, auto power off & other features
  • Carry case included
  • Ideal for WorkCover WA and other legislative testing
  • Includes calibration – unpack and start testing

There are two versions of this screening audiometer: AS608b and AS608e.

AS608b: This version can only be operated manually (the test is completed in full by the operator). The AS608b is the best option for practices on a budget, testers who prefer to test manually or when manual audiometry is required by government legislation (eg. The WorkCover WA workers’ compensation program in Western Australia).

AS608e: This flexible screening audiometer can be used in automatic mode (or manually) with inbuilt software allowing the operator to complete a hearing test with the press of a button. The AS608e includes Diagnostic Suite software for transferring test results to a computer and printing via a standard office printer. Users can also modify the print layout to suit personal preference using the report editor function. Optional database software can be purchased for storing, reviewing and managing data. The AS608e is the best option for testers with little or no audiometry experience, operators who are “time poor” or those seeking flexibility with printing and storing test results.


AD226 AudiometerInteracoustics AD226 – Flexible, modern design, high output with colour display This stylish, modern audiometer is a delight to use with smooth dials and soft touch tone presentation. Results are presented on the high resolution colour display and can be stored for review or download. Print results via optional software or directly to selected printers. Measure the full range of hearing ability with a maximum output of 120dBHL over most test frequencies. Offers flexibility with battery/mains power and “dual calibration” – can store calibration for two different sets of earphones (eg. standard over-the-ear and insert earphones). Also comes with bone conduction and masking if diagnostic audiological testing is required either now at a later date.

  • High resolution colour display
  • High maximum output
  • Excellent build quality and ergonomic design
  • Battery and mains power included
  • Dual calibration – for two sets of earphones
  • Automatic and manual testing modes
  • Pulsing & warble tones
  • Storage for 500 audiograms
  • Simple, clear user interface
  • Direct print to selected HP printers or via optional Diagnostic Suite software
  • Includes calibration – unpack and start testing



Oscilla-SM930Oscilla SM930 – Modern, smart design in a robust, lightweight package. This smartly designed audiometer features large, clear buttons for easy selection of commonly used tests. Test manually, or choose from a range of automatic testing programs. With a large inbuilt memory, it’s easy to save tests offsite then recall results back in the office. Upload audiograms to optional database software for paperless recording, or store and print via optional database software.

  • Efficient, modern design with easy access to features via large buttons
  • Easy to select automatic mode, with talking instructions for patient
  • Inbuilt storage for over 90 audiograms
  • Pulsing & warble tones
  • High output (110dB) at most frequencies
  • Various programmable test parameters
  • Talk forward microphone for communicating with patient
  • Optional carry case for safe storage and transport
  • Direct print option available (to select office printers)
  • Suitable for occupational/medical centres
  • Use in-office or offsite
  • Includes calibration – unpack and start testing
  • Optional database software available (see SM930A below)


Oscilla SM930A – Standard SM930 features and design plus AudioConsole database software

  • Dual control – operate the audiometer directly or via computer
  • PC database software for storing unlimited results
  • Watch the test progress on the computer screen
  • Print results to office printer or store electronically
  • Connecting cable supplied (for audiometer to computer)



“Not only are you helpful with equipment your knowledge of the industry is excellent and you always go above and beyond to assist us with any questions we may have. Without doubt we’ll be ordering from you the next time we require audiometric equipment.” Redimed, Western Australia

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