Audiometric booths

As specialist suppliers of audiometric products we offer customers a range of booths to suit occupational, medical and audiology practices.

We supply three single person booths: Micro Booth, Flexi Booth and Maxi Booth. We also have the in-house skills and experience to design and build booths of any size to fit a specific space (Custom Booth).

Whether you’re after a compact, off the shelf model or a large space to accommodate children, parents and wheelchairs we can assist.

Part of our service involves organising the safe and efficient transportation of audiometric booths – you’ll never be left wondering how to get it up to the first floor!

For single person booths we offer a delivery only service (delivered to your door, ready for you to take inside) or delivery + installation (we organise a local provider to install in your preferred location inside the building).

For custom booths our specialist installation team know booths inside and out and provide a complete delivery and onsite assembly service. This includes liaising with builders/trades, positioning in the designated room and connecting to air conditioning, electrical systems, etc as required.

Micro Booth
This is our compact, single-person industry all-rounder. It’s arrives pre-built and mounted on castors, ready to be positioned in just about any room within a building. Read more

Flexi Booth
A new, modular single-person booth in our range. Shipped as a flat pack, the 6 medium-weight panels can be carried upstairs, around tight corners or wherever access is challenging. This booth is larger internally than the Micro Booth and installed directly on the floor, offering increased stability and reduced trip hazard. The interlocking panel design provides excellent acoustic insulation and allows for straight-forward assembly by 3 people competent with tools in 2-3 hours. Read more

Maxi Booth
This is our largest single person, modular booth which delivers high performance noise reduction and extra space to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. Read more

Custom Booth
Our specialist team can design and build audiometric booths to virtually any size, taking into account customer preference, the size of the room to host the booth and equipment to be placed inside. Read more


“Not only are you helpful with equipment your knowledge in the industry is excellent and you always go above and beyond to assist us with any questions we may have.

Overall we are very happy with the service you have provided and without doubt we’ll be ordering from you the next time we require audiometric equipment.”

Redimed, Western Australia


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