Maxi Booth

This is our large, single person booth with high performance noise reduction and ample space for people of all shapes and sizes.

The Maxi Booth is modular, comprised of heavy guage, interconnecting panels and designed to be assembled on site. This booth can also be disassembled and relocated to another site as required.


  • High performance external noise reduction, with 100mm thick walls filled with acoustic dampening material
  • Large one person capacity, suitable for all body shapes and sizes (double the internal space of a Micro Booth)
  • External dimensions: 1100mm (wide) x 1100mm (deep) x 2280mm (high), weight 550kg
  • Mounted directly on the floor, with low step to minimise trip hazard
  • Double glazed window (additional, door-mounted window optional)
  • Internal fan and light
  • External metal shelf for audiometer/laptop
  • Robust die-cast hinges and handle
  • Delivered on a palette as walls (3), floor, roof and door
  • Designed for on site assembly by four people competent with tools (assembly instructions provided)
  • Delivery to any location within Australasia
  • Suitable for installation in a mobile testing facility


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