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The Hearing Company is dedicated to helping Australian businesses meet their responsibilities to protect the hearing of employees, minimise compensation claims and meet legislative requirements.

Established in 2005, we’ve become Australia’s premier one-stop provider of audiometry services and products in the occupational and medical sectors, with customers ranging from small medical practices through to Australia’s largest corporations.


The Hearing Company offers Australia’s first Work Health & Safety Act-compliant, four day course for OH&S audiometric testers and those wishing to work in this challenging field.  This course is fully compliant with the requirements of:

  • Regulation 58 or the national Work Health & Safety Act (now enacted in most states & territories)
  • State and Territory occupational health & mining regulations
  • Australian Standard for occupational audiometry (AS/NZS1269 Part 4)

We’re also the highly regarded, government-accredited audiometry course provider of the rigorous WorkCover WA Noise Induced Hearing Loss legislation, and deliver in-house Audiometry Skills Workshops in the medical and health assessment sectors.

New in 2016! We’ve just released a short course in the safe and effective use of insert earphones and earmuffs, based on a new innovation in the 2014 version of AS/NZS1269.4. This earphone option offers a high level of noise reduction, mobile testing capability and legislative compliance.


The Hearing Company offers Australia-wide sales, distribution, after sales service and rental of a range of audiometric equipment including audiometers, tympanometers and audiometric booths/sound booths.


The Hearing Company assists companies to review their OH&S hearing health systems, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with the new Work Health & Safety Act and minimise workers’ compensation costs. Principal Audiologist, Glenn Johnson, is our principal consultant and draws on over 20 years experience in the hearing business as a clinical practitioner, educator and consultant to industry, government and Australian Standards.

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Is your audiometry practice compliant with the new Work Health & Safety Act?

Compliant practices require:
» Calibrated audiometer
» Assessed booth/quiet space
» Trained personnel

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