Audiometry Skills Workshop (1 day program)

Participation in the Audiometry Skills Workshop can earn up to 8 CPD points.

Efficient, practical on-site training in conducting hearing tests on adults in a medical centre environment.

The Audiometry Skills Workshop is a one-day program that provides students with the basic skills required to conduct safe and accurate hearing tests on adults.

The course is primarily aimed at health practitioners within the medical and health assessment sectors. We offer public courses in selected locations and in-house sessions to businesses with several staff members to be trained. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds (including nurses, doctors, allied health professionals & related fields), both with and without prior hearing testing experience.

Course content is drawn from the techniques described in the best practice document Australian Standard 1269.4 Auditory assessment plus input from university-qualified audiologists with over 20 years clinical and teaching experience.

Students will gain basic skills and knowledge in a number of areas, including:

  • Conducting hearing tests on adults.
  • Creating and understanding audiograms (test results).
  • Managing the effects of background noise on test accuracy.
  • Conducting otoscopy.
  • Presenting test results.
  • Ear anatomy & physiology.
  • Common ear conditions.
  • Checking equipment for faults.

The Audiometry Skills Workshop to taught to small groups, which means we can offer one-on-one tuition with each student, allowing our teachers to individually tailor the development of practical skills throughout the day.

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Current audiometric testers in the medical or health assessment sectors who want to align their skills with “best practice”.
  • New or inexperienced people interested in learning the basics of audiometry “from scratch”.
  • Medical practices wanting to enhance the quality and accuracy of audiometry results and reporting.
  • Medical practices with an audiometer and no personnel with the skills to use it.
  • Existing testers who want to improve skills and confidence in otoscopy (inspecting ears) & audiometry.
  • Nurses and other clinicians looking to gain a valuable skill and earn Continuing Education credit*.

* Completion of this educational activity entitles eligible participants to claim up to 8 CPD hours.



AUDIOMETRY SKILLS WORKSHOP INFORMATION (in-company course are only available at this time)

Flexible, in-house course delivery

For organisations with several people to be trained (maximum of 8) we work with you and your diary to select a time and date that suits, usually at your workplace. We bring all teaching materials and can provide practice audiometers or use your own equipment. We can also customise course content to match company protocols or other preferences as required.

For more information on the Audiometry Skills Workshop or to discuss how we can fit audiometry training into your busy schedule please contact us.

Student feedback…

“I liked the way the practical related to the theory components, and that we had adequate practice. Also, the training directly related to the requirements at our current job. I most liked the one-on-one help during the practical sessions and the easy manner of the presenters – very relaxed. Overall a good day with topics well covered and objectives reached. I am now much more confident in conducting hearing tests correctly. I’m also a lot clearer about what I’m looking for when performing otoscopy.” Louise, Registered Nurse, Perth


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