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MT10MT10 Handheld Tympanometer

The new design MT10 is the fast, reliable all-rounder ideal for obtaining quick tympanometry or screening acoustic reflex results on children and adults.

Two versions are available: the Standard version offers tympanometry only, while the Reflexes version has added flexibility and features including acoustic reflexes and PC connectivity.

MT10 Features

  • Standard model:
    • Fast sweep and easy to read display
    • Easy “fit” in the hand
    • 30 patient memory
    • Extended negative pressure range
    • 400 test battery life (4 x AA)
    • Detachable handle
    • Dedicated carry bag (optional)
    • Portable thermal printer (optional)
  • Reflexes model (in addition to Standard features):
    • Ipsi-lateral acoustic reflexes at 4 frequencies
    • PC connectivity (via infrared transmission)
    • OtoAccess database software
    • Diagnostic Suite print software with custom options


“Not only are you helpful with equipment your knowledge in the industry is excellent and you always go above and beyond to assist us with any questions we may have.

Overall we are very happy with the service you have provided us with and without doubt will be ordering from you the next time we require audiometric equipment.”

Western Australia



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MT10 handheld tympanometer


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