Occupational Audiometry Course (4 day)

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Aims and outcomes of the Occupational Audiometry Course

This comprehensive 4-day program is designed to meet the audiometry requirements specified in:

  • Work Health & Safety Regulation 58 (SA, NT, ACT, Tasmania & Commonwealth (NSW to commence in 2019)
  • Code of Practice on Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work
  • Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1269.4 2014 Auditory assessment
  • Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011, 19 – Primary duty of care
  • Coal Services Order 43 health assessments

Course graduates are thoroughly trained in the practical, clinical and decision-making skills required to conduct occupational hearing assessments in Australia, particularly in those states/territories which have signed up to the Work Health & Safety Act or practices seeking compliance with Australian Standard 1269.4.

The course is also relevant to any international businesses conducting in-company hearing tests according to Australian Standard / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1269.4. Our international customers range from small medical practices through to the world’s largest mining companies, and from various countries including New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Kuwait.


What we offer

This flagship course provides students with strong clinical and decision-making skills as well as the background knowledge required to complete accurate, legislation-compliant hearing tests in the occupational & medical sectors. The Occupational Audiometry Course is thorough and rigorous, and presented by teachers with over 20 years experience in the hearing business. We encourage students to attain high standards of practice, which sets them apart from “screeners” with little or no formal training. To assess competence there is a practical assessment on the final day and a take home written exam.


Who would benefit from this course?

  • Audiometric testers or businesses in the occupational and health assessment sectors who want to comply with the audiometry requirements of the Work Health & Safety Act.
  • Australian and international companies establishing in-house testing programs based on the best practice Australian Standard (AS/NZS1269.4)Individuals with no prior testing experience looking to become proficient in audiometry.
  • Nursing or allied health professionals who wish to expand their clinical skill set or assist with a transition into the occupational health sector.
  • Medical or health assessment practices intending to add audiometry to their range of services to patients.
  • Clinicians who are keen to obtain a new qualification and gain Continuing Education credit.

Is your audiometry practice actually compliant with the Work Health & Safety Act and AS/NZS1269.4?

This is an important question to ask. Compliance doesn’t simply mean setting up an audiometer. In fact, this is only one aspect. Compliant audiometry services must provide the following:

  1. A tester who is trained, experienced and competent in the 16 training elements detailed in Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1269.4 2014 Appendix D (AS/NZS1269.4 is the best practice document for Australian occupational audiometry).
  2. A formally assessed (using a sound level meter) booth or quiet room that meets the specified background noise level requirements in AS/NZS1269.4 Appendix C.
  3. A calibrated air conduction audiometer.

The Hearing Company specialises in helping practices to tick all the boxes on compliance and provide quality services. Contact us for advice to ensure your audiometry practice is compliant with Regulations, Standards and best practice.


Does every student pass?

This is not a course where students pass simply by turning up and we don’t guarantee that every student attending will be declared competent. However, with over 1,000 people attending our courses over the last 10 years, we know how to coach students individually to develop their skills based on learning style and pace. Our graduation rate for 4 day courses is over 95%.


Why 4 days?

Put simply, there is a lot of information to be absorbed and skills to be learned.

A casual flick through the Code of Practice and Australian/New Zealand Standard will reveal a considerable amount of detail about the how, when and what required to conduct accurate, best practice audiometry. Understanding and learning this material takes time.

In addition, the focus of our training is on developing competent, confident testers with solid practical skills. Audiometry is a hands-on task and, like most skills, students learn best when provided with multiple practice opportunities spread out over several days. By comparison, a 1-2 day course may fast track delivery of information and provide an “orientation” to skills, however it’s highly likely many essential skills won’t actually be learned.


Course Fees :

The fees for this course are $ 2,970.00 including GST ($ 2,700.00 + $ 270.00 GST) per person.

Payment in full is required to secure a place on the course.


Course Dates :

Courses are run in Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide. Course location is determined based on demand. Once a location has been confirmed it will appear in the Location column below.

Follow the instructions in the table below to access the online registration and expression of interest forms. If you need assistance while completing an online form please contact Lynne on 0478 776 039.

NOTE: This is a 4-day course and attendance at all sessions is required (8:30am – 4:30pm)

PLEASE NOTE: Courses will only run if a minimum number of registrations are received.

Course Date


Course Status

25-28 FEBRUARY 2019


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13 – 16 MAY 2019


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Consider attending the Insert Earphones Workshop: a 1/2 day session offering training on using an innovative, flexible option for audiometric testing in higher noise environments.

Workshops are usually conducted on the Friday following the Occupational Audiometry Course (minimum numbers required).

For further information contact Lynne (0478 776 039 or admin@hearingcompany.com.au) or Glenn (0414 452 007 or click here to email)


What our course graduates say

Post-course surveys show 95% of graduates are confident in their ability to independently conduct hearing tests. Not only do they have the right skills, they also feel ready to start testing as soon as they return to the workplace.Over  90% of respondents found 4 days to be just the right amount of time to learn all the required skills and knowledge (a small number suggest the course should be longer!).Students also consistently rate our trainers and coaches high on measures of friendliness, approachability and capacity to teach people with no audiometry or medical background.We want our courses to be useful but also engaging and interesting, and it seems to be working; students frequently tell us of their new-found fascination for the world of ears and hearing!  See student testimonials.


Flexible, in-house course delivery

Along with our public course offering, for organisations with several people to be trained (maximum of 6), we can work with you and your diary to select dates that suit, usually at your workplace. We bring all teaching materials and can provide practice audiometers or use your own equipment. We can also customise course content to match company protocols or other preferences as required.For more information on the Occupational Audiometry Course or to discuss how we can fit audiometry training into your busy schedule please contact us.


About The Hearing Company

We specialise in supporting audiometry practices with quality training, consulting and equipment. Our staff have been involved in teaching occupational audiometry for over 15 years in Australia and overseas, bringing to our courses unrivaled expertise in this field. We now have more than 1,000 course graduates spread throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East.Looking for a new or replacement audiometer? We can help – please contact us for a quote.View all training courses
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